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Viraday is a combination drug for the treatment of HIV in adults. Viradai contains three active ingredients that are effective in the treatment of HIV infection: Efavirenz + Emtricitabine + Tenofovir. The drug inhibits the action of the reverse transcriptase enzyme. ||||||||||||


In the treatment of hepatitis B and HIV infection, tenofovir-based drugs are often used today. Among them, Indian generics deserve special attention. Their cost does not seem to the average Russian prohibitive. Currently, buying Tenvir Em in India is a profitable solution for many patients. After all, Cipla company manufactures using proven technologies and sells such a drug profitably for customers.

The enterprises of this company produce over two thousand generics against various ailments. The range of pharmaceutical products is incredibly wide. The extent of the Indian company can be judged by the number of countries in which they supply the appropriate medicines. Their number now reaches 170.

The annual turnover of the company reaches billions of dollars. Cipla has won an international tender for the fight against AIDS. The drugs manufactured by this company comply with generally accepted requirements. Moreover, Cipla antiretroviral drugs are reasonably priced.


Tenvir is a drug that has a direct effect on the hepatitis B virus and the immunodeficiency virus. This medicine is recognized as a quality analogue of the American original. Tenvir is supplied to the pharmaceutical market by an Indian company known to the world since 1935. ... It is worth considering before buying the medicine Tenvir ( tenofovir 300 mg) in the first company you get or even with it. Features of exposure

You can without much of a stretch purchase HIV-AIDS drugs on the web.

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